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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: What processor do you use for commission payouts?
A: Payza, Solid Trust Pay and EZY Bonds

Q: How do I get paid?
A: Once you have earnings owed, you can request a withdrawal at any time. Once you submit your withdrawal request, please allow 2-3 days for us to process your request. We will send your earnings to your payment processor account.

Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: No. All members are only allowed one account however you can purchase unlimited matrix positions and revenue shares from your one account. Members of the same household using the same computer can join as long as they are all sponsored by you.

Q: Exactly how does the follow your sponsor personal forced matrix cycler work?
A: 3x1 Matrix Cycler Explanation - How it Works

This is a follow your sponsor, personally forced matrix with only 3 people needed to cycle and move to the next level.

Members always start in EZ Level 1. All members positions will always follow their sponsor. Should a sponsor not have a position in level 1 then the new matrix position will fall in the next available spot under one of the sponsor's referrals. If the sponsor does not have a position in level one and does not have any referrals in level 1 then the new matrix position will fall in the next available spot in the overall company matrix.

If a member buys several positions then their spots will fill under their sponsor first then their referrals.

For example: Your sponsor has one position in level 1 and has one referral with one position. You come in and purchase 4 spots. Since your sponsor has one spot under him filled with the referral already there then your first 2 positions will fall under your sponsor completing their matrix and cycling them out to EZ Level 2. Your other 2 positions would then follow under your sponsor's referral. Of course the same thing happens with you and your downline.

EVERY matrix position that is purchased by your referrals PAYS YOU a Fast Start Bonus of $15 EACH!

The same scenario also happens when a member cycles from one level to another. When a member cycles level 1 they will follow their sponsor into level 2. If their sponsor does not have a position in level 2 then they will go into the next available spot under one of their sponsor's referrals.

In summary, a members matrix positions always follow their sponsor or their sponsor's referrals if they do not have a position in that level to fill. And when a members position cycles it will follow their sponsor to the next level or their sponsor's referrals if their sponsor does not have a position in that level.

Q: How does the company forced straight line cycler work?
A: This is out most passive of the two matrix cyclers. It is a 3x1 company forced straight line cycler. When a member joins this cycler they are placed in the next available spot in the overall company matrix. It fills top to bottom, left to right.

You need 3 people under you to cycle and earn $40 plus be re entered back into the matrix. So as the matrix fills every 3rd person that joins a member cycles!

Q: I see there is a 10% Admin fee when I make my deposit to my E-Wallet. What is this for?
A: When you deposit funds into your EZ E-Wallet you are charged a 10% Admin fee. We pay out 100% of all company sales to our members, even in the Cycler program. So this fee is to cover our operating costs and fees to keep us in business and provide you an excellent income source for many years to come. We charge no other fees, only when you make your deposit.

Q: Will I Get Scammed If I Join Your Company And Build A Business With You?
A: No Way! You Will Never Be Scammed Here... You Can Have The Most Trust In Us! We Are Here To Stay.... Our members can join our Skype room and Facebook page to keep informed.

Q: Can I advertise as a free member and build my business with EZ Income 4 All?
A: Yes.... free members earn the $15 referral bonus for every member you refer that upgrades. Also free members earn 10% affiliate commissions on any advertising and/or e-products your referrals purchase. Once you have earned enough to purchase an matrix positions and revenue shares we highly recommend doing so. You will earn big income by participating in our pay plans.

Q: What do I have to do to earn my daily revenue share?
A: Every member that purchases a revenue share receives a listing in our Business Directory. Every day you need to click on the 6 banners from this directory that appears on your Surf For Cash page. You will need to view each ad for 15 seconds until you see you are credited for the ad view. These banners rotate from our directory giving our members unlimited lifetime views of their website.

If you are busy or away from your computer for a length of time you may choose to purchase a Vacation Break which qualifies you for daily revenue share for one week without viewing ads.

Revenue payouts are completed once every 24 hours at 1 AM EST. So you will need to view your 6 ads anytime between 1 AM till 1 AM the next day, a full 24 hours.

Q: How long does it take to activate my account after payment?
A: Your payment transaction is actually depositing funds into your EZ Income 4 All E-Wallet. This transaction is automatic under most circumstances.

Q: I purchased a matrix position and a revenue share but my revenue share and matrix position does not show in my back office?
A: All purchases are activated automatically but not immediately. To limit the strain on our servers and prevent our server from crashing during peak traffic times we have installed a system that spreads out the activation's so they are not processed at once. These tasks run on our server every so many minutes. Depending on the amount of purchases that need to be processed at a given time you generally should see your purchase activated within minutes. Never longer than 15 minutes.

Q: When will I see my daily revenue share income in my back office.?
A: We pay out 100% of all sales for each day to all members that are qualified by viewing their ads for the day. This revenue is paid out at 1 AM EST. Once your share has earned $32.50 or $19.50 depending on which share you purchased you no longer receive income on that share.

Q: Can I make a withdrawal as a free member?
A: Yes... However we highly recommend using your earned funds to purchase a matrix position or revenue share and start earning a HUGE income! Also you must have a minimum balance of $10 to request a withdrawal.

Q: Is EZ Income 4 All available World-Wide?
A: Yes and No. EZ Income 4 All can be promoted in any country that allows individuals to send and accept payments through our payment processors.

Q: Do you guarantee that I'll make money with EZ Income 4 All?
A: Of course not. This is a Home Business Opportunity, not a job. No one can "guarantee" that you'll make money in ANY home business opportunity. If you need money right now... I encourage you to go find a part-time job. If you're searching for a Home Business Opportunity where you have the potential to earn THOUSANDS of dollars per Month... then I encourage you to join EZ INcome 4 All now!

Having said that half our income streams involves the revenue share program which is completely passive and shares the company's daily sales with all members everyday.

Q: I clicked on my 6 ads recently but can not remember when it was. How do I know if I am qualified for the day?
A: Log in to your back office and on your stats page there will be a message informing you whether you have clicked on your 6 ads for the day or not.

Q: Wow I see this site is getting a ton of traffic. How do I purchase advertising that will appear on the main pages of the website?
A: Log in to your members area and click on the Buy Ad Credits link. Here you can purchase ad credits for 468x50 banners, 125x125 banners and text ads. Also note that any advertising your direct referrals purchase you earn a 10% commission on.

Q: How does the company generate revenue to pay out to their members?
A: EZ Income 4 All currently generates revenue through the following ways. The sales that go into the revenue share bucket everyday is after commissions are paid out.

1. The funds from the revenue share lines goes towards the revenue share program
2. All advertising sales. Rates for the advertising will adjust higher based on increased website traffic.
3. Our E-Store - the products and services in this store are of high quality. They include membership sites, Internet Marketing training as well as self help. And prices are very low to increase sales which in turn provides more revenue income for our members.
4. $20 vacation break sales.

We will continuously be adding more and more revenue sources to provide income sharing for our members for a very long time.

Q: Who is the owner of EZ Income 4 All?
A: EZ Income 4 All is one of several online websites owned by TNB Enterprises, LLC., which is owned by Terry Burns. Terry is a network marketing industry leader and program owner. He is a highly regarded program owner that has always paid commissions on time in all his programs.

Q: In what ways can I earn income?
A: EZ Income 4 All offers many ways to earn.

1. 3x1 Follow Your Sponsor Personal Forced Matrix Cycler program which can earn you up to $100 cycle payouts over and over again. Also earn $15 Fast Start Bonus for every member you refer to this cycler and a $10 Matrix Level 3 Referral Cycle bonuses.
2. Daily revenue share that will pay you 130% on the investment of $25 or $15 depending on which share line you bought into.
3. 3x1 Straight Line Company Forced Matrix Cycler. Earn $40 cycle payouts over and over again with free re entries into the matrix every time you cycle. PLUS earn $10 referral cycle bonus every time one of your referrals cycle over and over again!
4. Earn a 10% affiliate commission on any advertising purchases made by your direct referrals.
5. Earn a 10% affiliate commission on ay purchases made through our E-Store by your direct referrals.
5. Earn a 10% affiliate commission on any Vacation break purchases made by your direct referrals.

Q: Once I cycle EZ Level 1 in the Cycler Matrix, I move to the 2nd level and no longer have a position in Level 1. So where does my new referrals go?
A: In this scenario your new referrals will go under the next available spot under a direct referral you have in Level 1. If you do not have a referral in Level 1 then the new member will go under the next available spot in the overall company. This helps to cycle you referrals and move them to your matrix and cycle you out and proceed to the next higher matrix.


ALL of my MLM programs are stalled and out of commission due to NO ACCESS to my PAYZA funds!!!! For full information as to what's going on, please see below. I am sorry for these issues, but this is totally out of my hands. Many online programs operating from the US are suffering and shutting down due to accounts being frozen.

Payza and Solid Trust Pay Issues Pushing Many Online Programs Out Of Business!

As many of you know recently our Payza funds were frozen. We do not have access to any of this money. It seems that the US Government has seized Payza funds held by Obopay and there is a pending investigation.

In addition to this problem Solid Trust Pay has had a licensing issue with the state that we reside in for 2 years now. Our account has limitations and it is probable that they too will see the same issues Payza is having very soon.

Refunds - many will insist on refunds. With the funds being frozen, this is not an option. They will not allow me to touch them. One good thing about my quick daily payouts, anyone that earned commissions with most of my programs, have ALWAYS received them with in a day or two. So it's not like I owed out $1000s or anything, but if you are new to a program, and just paid for something, I can not refund as the funds are frozen. Please remember that with ALL of my programs, when joining, everyone agrees to a no refund policy in our terms.

Again, if you have a complaint, please direct them to the cause here: PAYZA! Emailing me complaining will not accomplish anything. All it will accomplish is making me feel worse then I already do. I can not change anything, I can not fix anything.

We have filed all the proper forms and communicated with whom we needed to hopefully be able to one day recover these lost funds but very doubtful that this will happen.

Due to the above explained issues and the very shaky future of all online payment processors I have made the decision to relinquish program ownership and return to affiliate marketing as my income source. As always I am being totally open, honest, transparent, and trying to keep everyone informed. Instead of just shutting it all down, vanishing and taking the easy path like so many others are doing, I am trying to stay alive here and keep going what I can.

Most will understand, some will not, but please take into consideration the years of effort, money, honesty, and quick support that I have given everyone. Where you may be out a few weeks promoting and a few bucks for membership, I am out YEARS of hard work, thousands of dollars in scripts, programmers, etc. etc. As I stated above, one good thing with my programs is that I really did not owe that much out in commissions to members. If someone earned and requested commissions, they were always paid within a day or two.

I do feel very badly of course about the programs closing! People spent their hard earned money on things, and now they are gone. Again, please understand that this is all due to Payza freezing my funds. I had no plans of this happening, none of us did! I depended mostly on Payza for all my programs, and trusted them with my family's income! Now it's all gone!

I CAN NOT refund anything. My Pazya funds are frozen which includes refunding. My STP account is empty due to the run on funds (people paying with Payza, and then requesting payouts through STP) Everyone of my program's terms, the join page, and the FAQ pages all clearly stated the program or service was on an "as available" basis, and that no refunds could be made after purchasing.

Most of you understand that working online is fun, yet risky. We must all accept the ups and the downs as affiliate marketing moves through different stages of time, and I appreciate the understanding emails, and the encouragement to push forward.

Terry Burns


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